Teaser 2

Here is another teaser from Dark Prophecy to hold you over.  I promise it's coming soon!   ...
I opened my palm, producing another crimson flame that burned brightly against my creamy skin.  I closed my hand and the fire dissipated in a puff of gray smoke.
“You’re getting pretty good at that baby.”  Hayden was reclined in his throne, watching me.  His black collared shirt was taut against his shoulders with the sleeves rolled up to reveal pale, muscled forearms.  His jeans were threadbare at the knees, the tattered ends brushing his scuffed black boots.  Sinfully dark hair curled around his sculpted face, framing his cool gray eyes. 
Merely looking at him took my breath away and sent my heart racing.  No matter how much time we spend together I’ll never get used to him and that’s not even including the fact he’s a god.
A week passed since we discovered the truth.  I don’t know what’s worse, having the psycho queen of the gods as my mother who killed me or having Hayden’s brother think I belonged to him because of some stupid prophecy. 
That prophecy was written about a girl who doesn’t exist anymore.  She died.  He can’t accept that or my love for Hayden.  He’s tried multiple times to confront me at school.  At first I was nice because I felt bad for him, but after he tried to kiss me in the hall twice I had enough. 
Since my true heritage was revealed I’ve been staying in the Underworld except for school and the game.  My father is aware I know the truth.  I can understand his reason for keeping my mother’s identity a secret, but he still should have told me.  Maybe I could have avoided some of this mess.  He was devastated when he learned my own mother killed me and set it up for me to get bound to the Underworld to keep me away from Zeus. 
I pulled another flame into my hand and tossed it into the black marble fireplace, lighting it with crimson fire.
“Impressive.”  Hayden grinned and crooked a finger at me.  “Come here.”
He’s been surprisingly tolerable with me staying here and practicing my powers.  He’s even helping.
I curled up in his lap, hooking my hands around his neck.  His immaculate throne room was still as magnificent as the first time I saw it.  Glossy black marbles floors stretched to obsidian walls.  Silver drapes framed windows with views of crimson fire.  A silk gray chaise with scarlet embellishments sat in front of a grandiose marble fireplace. 
Each time I enter this place I spotted a new treasure, a collection of jewels, a splendid painting, or an antique trinket that’s been around since the dawn of time.
“Do you think I’ll ever be able to use my powers outside of the Underworld?” I asked. 
His hands wrapped around my waist.  “I don’t know.  No one beside me has developed these kinds of powers.”
“I hope so.”  I pouted.  “It’s not fair I can’t.”
His finger slid over my bottom lip.  “Please stop pouting.”
I only did it more.  “Make me.”
Scarlet fire lit his eyes as he crushed his mouth against mine.  His tongue swiped across my bottom lip before, sucking on it.  We both groaned as our bodies melded together.  His dark taste drove me wild on so many levels.
My fingers dove into his silken hair, tilting my head to deepen the kiss.  His hands burned at the small of my back as they slipped under my shirt, gliding over my soft flesh. 
The stone doors creaked open and clicking footsteps echoed on the polished stone floors.
An annoyed groan slipped out Hayden’s mouth and he broke the kiss.  My gaze rested on Hermes as he strolled in, wearing a huge grin on his cherubic face framed in bronze curls.
He reclined on the gray chaise and kicked his feet up, the wings of his golden sandals fluttering.  He pointed between Hayden and me.  “That is so weird.  You both have flaming eyes.”
I rolled those flaming eyes and watched Hayden blink his away.  I still hadn’t learned that trick yet.  Mine have to die down on their own. 
Hayden’s hand slipped from my shirt and rested on my hips.  “What do you want?  We’re kind of in the middle of something.”
Hermes winked.  “You two are always in the middle of something.  Every time I see you you’re making out.”
My cheeks flamed.  We weren’t that bad.
The crooked, arrogant smile on Hayden’s lips told me that we were that bad—and he was proud of it.
I smacked his arm.  “Cut it out.”  I leaned toward his ear.  “Or I’ll shorten my cheerleading skirt.”
A growl rumbled in his chest.  “Don’t threaten me Hartley.  I can play that game too.”
I scoffed.  “Yeah.  And I’ll win baby.”  I kissed his cheek before he could argue and slipped out of his reach, laughing.
He shook his head and failed at suppressing his smile.  “What is it Hermes?”
“I wanted to talk to you about Isaak.”  He absentmindedly picked at a fraying hole in his jeans.  “He’s been sneaking souls into the palace from Asphodel Meadows and having wild parties with lotus flowers.”
Hayden shot him an incredulous expression.  “I already know.  I was waiting on the appropriate time to bust him.”
Hermes rubbed his hands together.  “Let me in on the plan Hades.”
My brow rose as Hayden smiled darkly.  “I don’t even want to know what you two are planning.”  I headed for the doors.  “I’m going for a walk.”
“Be careful Hartley,” Hayden called.
I wiggled my fingers, fire tipping each one.  “I’m not the one that should be careful.”  I winked and blew Hayden a kiss.

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