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Vampires, shifters, bloodlust, and murder…  Continue the romance between the royal vampire couple in another installment of the young adult paranormal series.

Read the 1st Chapter of Secret Salem - Stalked

Chapter 1 of Book one.  Click read more at the bottom to view the rest!

Chapter 1
Icy wind stung my cheeks and burned my lungs, releasing hot steam against the cold night.  Low hanging branches scrapped my face and tore at my dark hair like angry hands.  I frantically stumbled through the grove of twisting trees, fog and darkness blanketing my path. 
The monster chasing me was gaining ground. 
My heart pulverized the inside of my ribcage and my muscles trembled with fatigue.  I peeked over my shoulder, squinting through the creeping fog to see shining teeth and sharp claws. 
My gasp was echoed by a shrill, high pitched laugh. 
Goose bumps exploded across my flesh.  Why is it after me
My bare feet slipped on the dry forest bracken, tangling in a briar patch.  When I wrenched my legs free I noticed an ivory hilted dagger clutched in my hand.  The wicked blade was smeared with crimson. 
Sickness rose in my throat and I longed to lie down, but the presence of hot, fetid breath slithered down my nape.  The monster was right on my heels.  I had to keep running.
A light beamed ahead.  I stretched my arms out as if I could drag the safety of the glow closer.
Almost there.  Almost there.
Gnarled, boney claws suddenly snagged my hair. 
My scream froze in my mouth as it whirled me around and I saw those angry, soulless eyes. 
My world went black…

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Read the 1st Chapter of Secret Salem - Hunted

Chapter 1 of Book two.  Click read more at the bottom to view the rest!

Chapter 1

Cold darkness swathed me, choking, oppressive, and gritty.  My extremities wriggled, finally liberating my body.  Dull cracking echoed and writhing things slipped over my skin.  My hands broke free then my face, spilling moonlight across my blurry eyes.
I crawled out of the earth.
Why was I in the ground?
Dirt caked my unnaturally pale, icy skin.  It rimmed my fingernails that looked more like claws than I remembered. 
A noise echoed in the distance. 
I cocked my head to the side, listening.  Footsteps.  The wind blew, stirring the unfamiliar forest, creating a cacophony of creaking limbs and rustling leaves.  A pungent scent carried through the breeze, slamming into my senses like river rapids.
What is that smell!
Hot, briny, buttery, irresistible.
A gasp echoed and a slight figure emerged from the shadows.  “Are you okay?”  Concern filled her soft, lilting voice.
My focus zeroed in on her neck throbbing with vibrant life so strong it pulsed in the air.  My mouth watered, throat burned, and acid filled every vein in my body.
Want.  Need.  Mine.
I was off the ground and grabbing her in a blur, sinking my fangs forcefully into her flesh.  Her salty life force spilled into my mouth, gushing down my throat to cool the scorching thirst.   
Her scream was nothing more than a buzzing in my ears.
Ah.  So tasty.
She fell to the cold dirt with a thud, lifeless and no longer any good.
I licked my lips.
Want more.

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I'm back... with a new book cover!

It's about TIME.  I've been so busy making a cover and writing I haven't posted in a while.  Well... I finally finished the cover for Haunted, Secret Salem 3.         Here it is.

And it'll be out Friday March 27.  Only one week!

It took me so long because I was learning a few new techniques on GIMP to make my covers look better.  I hope it paid off.  Look, I learned how to make glowing eyes, raised font, and metallic gold!  It's amazing the things you can learn on YouTube.