Today’s the day. VOODOO UNLEASHED is finally out! Find out how Angel tries to break her deal with the voodoo king.

The whispers grew louder, unfamiliar words rolling together to form a long string of ominous echoes. They slithered from the shadows, surrounding me. Suffocating me.

My heart pounded raggedly against my ribcage while my breath came in quick, heavy pants. My head was spinning as the unnerving cadence shifted, changing into a foreign chant.

The rattle of bones and a distant drum-beat joined the fray.

Goosebumps exploded across my skin, and cold sweat slickened my palms. This wasn’t happening. I licked my dry lips, shaking my head. I refused to believe the horror unfolding in the Leroux kitchen.

An icy chill swirled into the room, ghosting down my arms. I shivered, still frozen to the spot.

“Eve-angel-ine, we meet again.”

The familiar voice opened a yawning pit in my stomach, filling it with the darkest things imaginable. This was a scene ripped right out of my nightmares, only this time I was wide awake.

My head slowly lifted, my eyes traveling up until I was face to face with the voodoo king.