Blood Lies is coming this August

Warm steady breath blew on the back of my neck while a thick arm draped over my torso and a warm body pressed into my back. 
It was always too good to be true waking up with Rex holding me.  I had wanted it since the very first time he’d put me in his bed that horrible night he saved me from Nate and his rape intentions.  The warmth and familiar scent surrounding my body made me drowsy, my lids fluttering again.
A distant, persistent thudding echoed from somewhere and I finally realized it was the door.
I nudged him.  “Rex, someone’s at the door,” I mumbled, my voice thick with sleep.
He groaned, his arm tightening around me.  “Five minutes.”
I snorted on a laugh.  That was usually my line.  “The door.  Someone’s at the door.”  It was then that I remembered we were at school.  It was also then that I heard the distinct sound of a key sliding into place and unclicking the lock.

More excerpts from Blood Lies coming next week...

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