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Black Friday Freebie

I hope you guys had a great Thanksgiving!  I'm still stuffed (and yet I keep going back for more leftovers).  Black Friday has finally arrived and I've got a gift for you.  After all the shopping, rest your feet and relax with a book.  It's free. 

Blood In Iron, the first book in The Iron Series, is FREE Black Friday through November 28th.  If you haven't started the series, now's the time!

Demons, demigods, and the one girl who could stop the darkness. Or bring it...

Kory has never been afraid to walk down a dark street at night for two reasons. One, she can see the bad guys skulking in the shadows, hear their footsteps as they approach, feel their presence closing in. And two, on any given day or night she’s more dangerous than them. Or so she thought.

When the rebellious teen discovers demons roam her city and she was born to hunt them, Kory’s life and all she’s ever known is irrevocably shattered. She’s caught between simply surviving and following the path she was destined for. Rex, the powerful demon hunter, becomes her teacher and the chemistry between them is both undeniable and forbidden.

Relationships and loyalties are tested and, as Kory falls deeper into this new supernatural world, dark secrets arise, hinting that her destiny may be more than she bargained for. Is she simply another demon hunter or is her blood the key to something darker?

A FREE book for Friday the 13th!

Friday 13th in the spookiest month of the year is something to celebrate! If you haven't started the Divine Darkness series, start now. The first book, Dark Souls, is FREE on Amazon for the next five days.

A dark romance with an even darker Greek god whose fiery temper rivals his sudden obsession of one hauntingly beautiful girl.

Seventeen-year-old Hartley Walker has returned from a brush with death, and no one is able to melt the ice from her insides… except for the sinfully gorgeous god of the hottest place in the universe.

Hayden—Hades and hated god of the Underworld—didn’t expect to fall for a mysterious beauty full of secrets when he came to capture the dark, treacherous souls stolen from his domain.

Because of his former and infamous attempt at love and her slipping grip on life before death Hayden and Hartley deny the sparking chemistry between them. But when he realizes Hartley’s secrets are darker than he thought and evil souls are drawn to her like a beacon he vows to protect her—even if it means risking their hearts.

Just when they think they have it all figured out fate deals them a blow that might set them both ablaze in Underworld fire forever.

My paranormal romance edition to Sigils and Spells

Hi guys!  I just wanted to share a little info about my book included in Sigils and SpellsVoodoo Unleashed is book one in the Hidden Conduit Series

Would you trade your soul to the voodoo king to save someone you loved?

Evangeline's eighteenth birthday is looming in the distance, the day the voodoo king will demand his price.

Her soul.

The only person in her small town of Carrefour, Louisiana that can help is as infuriating as he is sinfully hot. √Čtienne Benoit is not only a mysterious Cajun living deep in the swamp, but he's also rumored to know a thing or two about voodoo.

As the two race against the clock to save Evangeline's soul while trying not to strangle each other, they unlock a powerful magic that has been buried for generations.  And the voodoo king isn't playing by the rules of balance anymore.

Will √Čtienne be able to face his own darkness and save Evangeline's soul before she turns eighteen?  Or will she be claimed by the voodoo king for eternity?

Don't forget to pre-order your copy of Sigils and Spells!  You'll get Voodoo Unleashed and 23 other exclusive, full-length novels for only $0.99.

An Urban Fantasy Collection

I’ve got a major announcement!

I’m participating in a collection of 24 urban fantasy, paranormal romance, and dystopian novels. These are the characters you’ve been waiting for. Just like the world we live in, they’re from all cultures, countries, and walks of life—and maybe even the afterlife…

Pre-order a copy today and discover realms of magic, romance, and perilous adventure.

A dangerously beautiful vision of unique worlds that’s sure to leave its mark.

Cross through the looking glass into Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, and Dystopian realms where you’ll meet valiant heroes, kick-ass heroines, and dangerous creatures waiting to unveil the hidden corners of the universe.

SIGILS & SPELLS includes more than twenty exclusive novels that roam the sands of Egypt, slip into the shadows of 1940s Los Angeles, voyage to the mystical land of Mabi, and dare to traverse the stars.

From the deserts of Africa to the streets of San Antonio, mythological adventurers strike out to discover brand new worlds and unravel the mysteries of Earth in a limited edition boxed set offering the diversity and originality you haven’t been able to find before now.

Dare to enter forbidden realms of unexpected beauty and peril? Secure your copy of SIGILS & SPELLS today - before it disappears forever!

Young Adult Paranormal Romance for FREE

Get a Valentine's Day treat early.  Stalked (A Secret Salem Novel) is FREE to download from Amazon this week Feb 7th - 11th.

Download Now

Begin the paranormal romance series with murder, paranoia, mystery, and a treacherous web of deadly secrets. 

Rubi McHale had a safe, boring life until a spot opened up for her at Highland Academy in Salem, Massachusetts. The teachers are callous, the students are cruel, and the entire campus is steeped in a dark, spine-chilling atmosphere. 

McCollum Davenport is the clear leader of the unnaturally beautiful elite who are hiding something Rubi can’t quite figure out. He’s also utterly drool worthy with wild midnight hair, piercing jade eyes, and a devil-may-care smile. 

While trying to fit in, discover their secret, and sustain from attacking McCollum with her lips, Rubi finds herself in the middle of murder, obsession, and the supernatural. The closer she gets to revealing what’s really going on at Highland Academy the closer she gets to certain death—but at the hands of who or what?