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Today’s the day. VOODOO UNLEASHED is finally out! Find out how Angel tries to break her deal with the voodoo king.

The whispers grew louder, unfamiliar words rolling together to form a long string of ominous echoes. They slithered from the shadows, surrounding me. Suffocating me.

My heart pounded raggedly against my ribcage while my breath came in quick, heavy pants. My head was spinning as the unnerving cadence shifted, changing into a foreign chant.

The rattle of bones and a distant drum-beat joined the fray.

Goosebumps exploded across my skin, and cold sweat slickened my palms. This wasn’t happening. I licked my dry lips, shaking my head. I refused to believe the horror unfolding in the Leroux kitchen.

An icy chill swirled into the room, ghosting down my arms. I shivered, still frozen to the spot.

“Eve-angel-ine, we meet again.”

The familiar voice opened a yawning pit in my stomach, filling it with the darkest things imaginable. This was a scene ripped right out of my nightmares, only this time I was wide awake.

My head slowly lifted, my eyes traveling up until I was face to face with the voodoo king.

The Vampire Prophecy is out!

All three books in The Vampire Prophecy series are out. Get them on Amazon!

Dark Fates is out!

Dark Fates: The Vampire Prophecy Book One is available on Amazon! A prophecy split their world in two, and death is the only consequence for crossing the dark divide.

Don't miss the beginning of this epic YA paranormal romance + dystopian series!

Would you risk it all for love?

A high-ranking official’s daughter, Solaris is wild and reckless, a daredevil with no regard for authority.
For icy Kaige, the nocturne prince of Draconis, life is discipline and self-control.

A prophecy split their worlds in two—a decree issued outlawing all human and vampire contact.  Death is the consequence for crossing the dark divide between Imera and Draconis.

When their worlds collide, a dangerous and forbidden string of events unfold.  Bound together by blood and secrets, they make a startling discovery that could shatter the precarious balance of New Isos. 

Haunted by the words of the prophecy, Solaris and Kaige attempt to unravel the mystery they’ve stumbled upon, but every moment spent together threatens the very existence of each race.

Can Solaris and Kaige discover the truth without triggering the century old prophecy and destroying both their worlds? 


Release Day for Blood Shattered!

Hey guys!  Blood Shattered (The Iron Series Book 5) is out today. Get your copy now for only $0.99 and find out how it all ends for Kory and Rex.

Betrayal. Secrets. And the ultimate sacrifice.

Kory finally discovers Kye’s true motives and, if his nightmare becomes a reality, the entire demon hunting world will be thrown into chaos. But what Lorne has planned will leave her shattered beyond repair.

As her life hangs in the balance, Kory and Rex are forced to rely on enemies and question the people closest to them. Lies unravel, and the truth behind her destiny threatens to destroy her very soul.

When the clock runs out, will Kory have the answers to save herself or will she have to choose between a life of darkness or existing at all?


Blood In Iron is only 99cents!

If you haven't started The Iron Series, do it now!  Book One, Blood In Iron is on sale for 99cents.  Also FREE with Kindle Unlimited.  Read it in time for the release of Book Five, Blood Shattered on April 12th.

Demons, demigods, and the one girl who could stop the darkness. Or bring it...

Kory has never been afraid to walk down a dark street at night for two reasons. One, she can see the bad guys skulking in the shadows, hear their footsteps as they approach, feel their presence closing in. And two, on any given day or night she’s more dangerous than them. Or so she thought.

When the rebellious teen discovers demons roam her city and she was born to hunt them, Kory’s life and all she’s ever known is irrevocably shattered. She’s caught between simply surviving and following the path she was destined for. Rex, the powerful demon hunter, becomes her teacher and the chemistry between them is both undeniable and forbidden.

Relationships and loyalties are tested and, as Kory falls deeper into this new supernatural world, dark secrets arise, hinting that her destiny may be more than she bargained for. Is she simply another demon hunter or is her blood the key to something darker?