Current Project... Secret Salem 3

So... I've started working on the 2nd draft of the third installment in the Secret Salem series.  More shifters, more horror, and more blood lust.  The romance is steamier and Rubi's drooling over more than filet mignon...  

I'm still deciding between two titles.  As soon as I make up my crazy mind I'll post it.  And the cover.  (psst... I haven't actually started working on the cover yet... but I have some ideas.)

Is it Halloween yet...?

I've been waiting for Halloween since November 1 of last year.  I'm an author of paranormal romance--of course I love the scariest time of the year.  I love it even more than my birthday, my real birthday, which only comes every 4 years (but that's a topic for another discussion).       

Back to All Hallows Eve...

For the month of October I'm planning on doing some extra posts... like a scary movie of the week, or book, or urban legend.  I might throw in a couple extra spooky decoration how-to's and show off my pumpkin carving skills.  I might even post a scary short story by yours truly.  

So stay tuned and check out my extras... if you dare.

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Amazon Reviews

"...lovely and interesting romance that will take your breath away."  Ley

"Brilliant read!  Everything you could ask for in a book!"  Lee-Anne Farebrother

"This Book Is A Must Read."  Book crazy14

"A new YA supernatural mystery series that will keep you hook!"  Omar Mujtaba

" and wickedly entertaining world..."  Rachel Tetley

"'s a wonderful blend of teenage love and supernatural mystery."  Ally

Divine Darkness 1 & 2 for FREE!

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It's finally out!

Ahhh!  The LONG wait is over.  The third book in the Divine Darkness series is finally out!  And a day early.  Yea.  Click on the link below to get it.

Dark Prophecy... tagline

What if Hartley Walker never died?  Would she have fallen in love with the god of the Underworld?  Would they have even met?       

Zeus doesn't think so…              

Catch what happens next with Hartley and Hayden in Dark Prophecy, Divine Darkness 3 coming out next week!