I live in South Carolina where there are absolutely no distinct seasons and the heater and A.C can run on the same day.  

Besides writing, reading is my other obsession.  Some of my favorite books are Twilight, Vampire Academy, Saving Angel (Divisa novels), Vampire Diaries (original four), the Darkness series (by Stacey Marie Brown), and Unenchanted.  If you're sensing a theme you're right--I love paranormal romances.  And I'm a sucker for the bad boy.  Damon Salvator is one book boyfriend I could never break up with.  

My love for the supernatural doesn't stop at books.  It bleeds right into my DVR.  Some of my favorite shows are Vampire Diaries (duh!), American Horror Story, A Haunting, Teen Wolf, Supernatural, Shadow Hunters, and Castle (it is about a novelist).  I can't forget about Buffy and Angel.  I'm still holding out for a slayer, vampire reunion.  Come on Joss Whedon--make it happen.

I'm a huge music fan too with an eclectic taste.  Florence and the Machine and Sia share a playlist with Rob Zombie and Perfect Circle.  My favorite song is always changing by week or month--whatever I'm in the mood for.  But one of my always favs is Running up that Hill by Placebo.

There are plenty of other things I love/ hate, but let's be honest--you're only on this site to check out my books (I hope).  

If you want to know more or have any questions feel free to post a comment anywhere or email me.

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