Badly In Blood (The Iron Series Book 2)

The more Kory learns about her past and future destiny, the more secrets she uncovers—and the darker it all seems.

After years of living with one foot in the seedy world of Bishop City simply trying to survive, seventeen year old Kory Colt is now training to be a demon hunter.  She’s excelling fast even for a pure blooded ferrum.  The recent tragic events have only made her more dangerous—and maybe a little unhinged.   
Kory’s life has been irrevocably changed after an unexpected death and Rex seems to be the only person who can keep the darkness from swallowing her whole.   But she knows he’s hiding something, something about the inexplicable bond between them that—despite outside forces trying to keep them apart—grows stronger every day.  
That very connection is tested when a powerful demon sets his sights on Kory, his true intentions more sinister and calculated than anyone realizes.  Will Kory be able to put her trust in Rex when her life and someone close to her is on the line?  Will he believe in the impossible to save her?
Secrets never stay buried.  And blood never lies.

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