Happy Leap Day!

Leap Day sale because it's finally my birthday!
Divine Darkness 1 & 2 only 99¢ Feb 29th thru March 7th.

Hartley Walker wants to feel warm and alive again after her near death experience and Hayden Coal is the only person who can bring heat to her glacier insides.  But Hayden has a dark secret.  He’s Hades, god of the Underworld.

Dark souls have been stolen from the Underworld and are possessing Hartley’s friends.  Hayden walks on Earth for the first time in centuries with the sole purpose of retrieving them, only a mysterious girl steals his attention.  He wants her—bad—but the last time he was this drawn to a girl things didn't end so well.

Hartley was changed by death.  She can see the dark Underworld souls and the terrifying things they're doing to her friends.  She can also see the supernatural surrounding Hayden and instead of frightening her she's even more enthralled by the dark god. 

When Hartley’s secrets begin to unravel and Hayden’s enemies threaten her he must risk his heart and inevitably tempt history to repeat.

If Hayden and Hartley give into their desires they might just end up burning in a blaze of Underworld fire... forever.

Hayden and Hartley thought their lives would be easy now without the threat of Hercules, Persephone, and the dark souls—well as easy as possible with Hartley’s chain to the Underworld—but they were seriously wrong.

Darkness is unleashed by Ares, god of war, threatening Hartley and her friends again.  Hayden’s brother comes to the rescue, but he seems more interested in getting close to Hartley.  While they try to uncover Ares’ devious plot for power they end up revealing a lot more about Hartley than she ever expected.

Fire and lightning fly among the two rival brothers and things heat up between Hartley and Hayden’s relationship.  But the more time she spends in the Underworld the more Hartley’s darker side emerges.

In the end will Hayden be prepared for the truth about Hartley?  Or will it rip them apart forever?

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